Why to use a custom CBES architecture within Unity

After the last posts about our component-based entity system framework called Slash I was regularly ask why one should use a component-based framework although Unity itself is already component-based.

While it is nice that Unity itself isn’t build in an object oriented way and might be even good enough for small projects or prototypes, you should really separate your game logic completely from the Unity engine in bigger projects.

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Dev tools to raise your productivity

There is no better way to raise your productivity than using good tools during your development. This way you can concentrate on developing the things that make your game special instead of reinventing the wheel for a lot of already solved development problems.

I’d like to give you a list of the most important tools, middleware and assets I have used in my past projects. See if one catches your eyes and check if it saves you as much time as it saved me 🙂

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Continuous Integration – Setting up a Jenkins build server

There are some things in a project that you should do as early as possible as they will save you a lot of time in the long run. The most important time saver might be setting up an automatic build server.

Even in small and smallest teams you’ll have the need of creating a build of your game every now and then. Here are some occurrences:

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Giving some experiences back

I’m in the professional game industry for about 6 years now, worked for two bigger companies and founded my own game studio Slash Games two years ago. I could code quite well already when I started my studies in 2004, so I thought I knew almost everything when I finished them in 2009.

But there’s a big gap between coding and coding “with style”. As with any problem there is hardly ever only one way to solve it and so it is for coding. But there are definitively bad and there are good ways to solve them.

Almost no day passes by without me learning something new to improve my coding style and most of this knowledge was brought to me not via official documentations, but through personal blogs and tutorials.

A few days ago I stumbled upon http://simpleprogrammer.com and there was this offer for a free E-mail course on the topic of starting an own developer blog. I never saw myself as a big writer, but that changed a bit last year with a blog entry about how to run Unity3D on a server with no graphics card and two articles for the German developer magazine iX about client-side prediction in multiplayer games and an introduction to behavior trees.

So I signed up and here I go. I plan to give back some experiences about successful ways to structure your code, especially if you use Unity3D. Hopefully my initial motivation will last a bit but to be realistic: Don’t expect more than 2 articles a month, in the end my co-founder Nick and I have to use our time earning money to develop our own games!