UI Window Management in Unity 5.3 with Data Bind (Part 3)

So we got our window management system in a nice, generic state already during part 1 and part 2 of this blog post series. This (final?) part adds our asset Data Bind for Unity to the equation. This makes sure that not only our UI setup is capsuled in its own scene, but the data the window expects is passed to it when it is opened. This way each window becomes very modular: It can be tested independent from the rest of the game and you can put it in and out of your project pretty easy with just a few lines of code. Check out the source code of the fully functional example.

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The “Magic” behind Data Binding (Part 1)

Logo Data BindIf you read my introduction post last week, you already know that I’m quite into Data Binding at the moment, as I just published a Data Bind asset on the Unity3D Asset store.

After reading through the documentation I wrote for the asset, my co-founder Nick suggested to add an article what goes on behind the scenes. This also sounded like a good idea for a blog post, so I’ll just be lazy and combine those with this dev blog post 🙂

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