Inno Global Game Jam 2016

Many of you will have heard about it or even participated in it. I’m talking about the Global Game Jam 2016 last weekend! Like in the past few years I took part as well, this time at InnoGames, host of regular game jams.

Theme Announcement a.k.a Groundhog Day

The jam started with a little disappointment. The last time I participated in the Inno Game Jam in November, the topic was “Strange Rituals”. Some decision makers in the theme committee of the Global Game Jam must heard about it, as the topic of the Global Game Jam just 2 months later was: “Rituals”!

We expected a bit more to brainstorm about, but it was okay as my team this time was a bit different than last time. Kerstin Buzelan aka Noody was on board again and Henning Behrend aka Orbinaut took care of the sounds again. But this time we had some reinforcements from the Threaks, a friendly Indie studio from Hamburg:

  • Wolf Lang (Game and Level Design, Project Management)
  • Henning Steinbock (Coding)
  • Rike Lang (2D Art and Animation)

After deciding to work together we started to brainstorm for some time to come up with new ideas for the old theme. We decided to think more towards nowadays rituals instead of ancient ones.

In the end our choice was to create a game out of the everyday ritual that comes up whenever you try to do a video call or conference: Searching a spot where you have good reception so your colleague  at the other end of the wire can hear and see you. It should sound familiar 😉


To do something new we wanted to create a multiplayer game which is played on two different devices:

  • Player A uses the PC or console
  • Player B plays on his smartphone

Player B is the one who calls but as he soon realizes the reception of player A is pretty bad. So he has to lead him to a better spot. The closer player A is to the good spot the clearer the transmission becomes.

Player B is ready to call!
Player B is ready to call!

Player A should check back with Player B to move to the right spot. But apart from that he struggles with slippery movement, strong squalls…and penguins 😉 It shouldn’t get too easy!

Somehow the connection isn't perfect in this place....
Somehow the connection isn’t perfect in this place….

Can you hear me now?

You can check out the game at the official Global Game Jam site and the Inno Game Jam site.

Start the game by installing it on your Android phone or tablet. As soon as you start up the other part on a PC in the same network, you should be able to call the PC player.

Who can it be?
Who can it be?

With WASD the PC player can move around. He should carefully listen to the Mobile player as he doesn’t have any indicator where to go. And the area is quite puzzling, so don’t get lost! Even worse: The battery of the mobile player runs out quite quickly, so hurry up and find the transmission spot!

Transmission is getting better!
Transmission is getting better!

Together you can make it and hopefully find the right spot. There are 3 spots which are randomly selected, can you find them all? 🙂

Find your spot!
Find your spot!

If you are interested, check out the not so clean but not that messy (for a game jam) source code at bitbucket.

Thanks to the whole team for the weekend:


It was a fun weekend again with a great team! If you haven’t joined a game jam yet, I can highly recommend trying it. My general notes about game jamming are still valid 🙂

Keep on developing!