UI Window Management in Unity 5.3 (Part 2)

Time for part 2 of how you could manage your UI windows in Unity 5.3! Part 1 brought up some questions that I like to deal with first. Things like having only one root canvas for all windows, preloading windows to not have a lag when opening one and animations when opening/closing a window.

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UI Window Management in Unity (Part 1)

If your game contains at least some user interfaces, you will quickly run into the need of manage them in a central place. In our past games we developed a generic window manager that can be used in any project. It takes over the all the loading/unloading of windows and makes sure windows are not opened multiple times.

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Game Jamming

From time to time working on your main project might feel a bit too much like work instead of fun. This might be the moment to participate in a game jam to get your head free from your daily stuff and blow the cobwebs away. Chances are pretty big that there is one near you soon, if you don’t find one check out http://www.indiegamejams.com/.

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Unit Testing

Every now and then there comes a time in a project when it would be nice to be able to write a unit test for a new or already existing feature. The reason could be that the feature is quite complex and we like to make sure to get the basics bug-free before going on creating all the stuff around it. Or you have an existing feature that doesn’t really work the way it should work and it is pretty tedious to find the bug in the running game.

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Develop locally, deploy globally

Indie Gameleon is over, so it’s time to get a bit more technically again.

Programming resources are rare in most projects, so it’s important to work as effective as possible. The most time wasting things are compiling and, if you are developing for another platform than PC/Mac, deploying the game to your device to test it there. This post is about saving time by deploying as little times as possible.

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Dev tools to raise your productivity

There is no better way to raise your productivity than using good tools during your development. This way you can concentrate on developing the things that make your game special instead of reinventing the wheel for a lot of already solved development problems.

I’d like to give you a list of the most important tools, middleware and assets I have used in my past projects. See if one catches your eyes and check if it saves you as much time as it saved me 🙂

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