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Blog posts now and then

Hey there!

It’s been about a year when I started this blog. I tried to write a post every 2 weeks, which worked out most of the time 🙂 Time for a short résumé and some good and bad news.

The past

Over the first year I wrote 28 posts which were read by 15,492 people and had 29,252 views.

Some posts really attracted a lot of readers. The top 3 are:

Others didn’t perform that great although I thought the topic was really interesting:

All in all though I’m pretty happy with the way it went. I’m still better at developing than at writing, but I hope my writing style got better over the past months 🙂

The Reddit GameDev community was quite interested in my topics and I got a lot of feedback and traffic from there, so thank you! A thank you as well to the Facebook Indie Game Developer Group. It’s always great to get critics from fellow devs!

The future

At the end of the year it got a bit harder to motivate myself to write posts, although the feedback was still great. I noticed that it took a bigger part of my spare time than I hoped it would. But probably I just got less spare time 😉

Around Christmas I had some more free time and used it to finally make our Slash Framework Open Source (<= this is the good news)! Nick and I had this in mind for a long time, but haven’t had the time to really set up all the necessary things. It’s still not in the state we wished for a release, but now we decided for a more soft launch, for which the state is okay 🙂

Along the preparations for the first release I hoped to work on our framework more regularly now. But as the new year started the day-to-day work got back and the spare time wasn’t enough to do all the things I wished. So I made the hard decision to do less work on some things that required time and unfortunately the blog is among them (<= this is the bad news) 🙁

I will still post from time to time if I really feel like it, but it won’t happen on a regular basis. I still enjoy answering your questions about the topics in this blog, so don’t hesitate to get in contact 🙂

Hope you have enough time for all the things you like! I have either too little time or too many things I like 😉

  • Chiuan

    Thanks for sharing CBES post. Have you try uFrame ECS or MVVM assets?